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What is Agenda 360?

Agenda 360 is the regional action plan designed to transform Cincinnati USA into a leading metropolitan region for talent, jobs and economic opportunity for all who call our region home by the year 2020.

Agenda 360 has three overarching goals:

  • Keep talented workers in the region and attract new ones
  • Grow new jobs and retain existing jobs
  • Provide economic opportunity and a good quality of life for everyone who calls the region home


Points of Progress


A more immigrant-friendly, diverse, inclusive Cincinnati

Diverse by Design has engaged hundreds of volunteers throughout the region – from emerging talent to chief executives – in the form of five action teams to design and implement strategies that enforce positive change in diversity and inclusion that contributes to businesses bottom lines and adds to the region vibrancy. Learn more 

In a recent article, the Enquirer listed the benefits of welcoming immigrants to the region, such as population growth, more jobs, startups and increased housing values. Diverse by Design and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber were mentioned as examples of groups and initiatives that attract immigrants to the region. Read more 

In April, Agenda 360 joined partners, business leaders, and local representatives convened at The Brandery for a discussion about immigration reform and progress in the Cincinnati technology startup sector. This event was part of a nationwide series called #iCodeImmigration and implemented by the Partnership for a New American Economy. Read more about it in this Soapbox article 



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