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Agenda 360’s mission is not just about public officials and large businesses -- our citizens are what make Cincinnati great. Want to make it even better? Get involved!


The nature of our region and our economic realities must engage us all -- there are no sidelines to sit on. At a minimum, each of us can do three things:

  • Be informed. Understand the scorecard, our basic challenges and their implications, and our opportunities to make meaningful progress.
  • Be involved. Organizations can invest time, talent and funds in the key focus areas of Agenda 360 and Vision 2015. Individuals can work on their own job and education goals, help others achieve success or simply be an advocate for change in our region.
  • Believe that we can and will be successful. Be an ambassador for this important work. Re-ignite our collective civic pride for the long term success of our beloved region. Talk about our many assets even while we work on our challenges. Be an ambassador to those with whom you interact and meet.

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