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Measuring Our Economic Progress



You can't reach a desired destination without first knowing precisely where you are. 

2012 Regional Indicators ReportAgenda 360 and Skyward, Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky's strategic community plans to transform our region, released a report in September 2010 that reveals challenges for every part of our metropolitan area.

This analysis is a broad-based, fact-driven comparison of our community against eleven other areas with which we compete for companies, jobs and residents. The report provides reliable information for all community leaders in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky that will allow us to make better policy decisions and chart regional progress over time.

In the second printed edition of the Regional Indicators Report, released in October 2012, our region remains at 10th out of 12 regions overall. But on indicators such as unemployment and educational attainment, we have tracked measureable improvements since the 2010 report.


The Regional Indicators Report continues to serve as a call to action. Together, we are optimistic about our region's prospects for the future and we are inspired by a renewed sense of pride in all our region has to offer. How will this report inspire you?

2012 Report

2010 Report

For more details and data, visit the Regional Indicators Project website.

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