Agenda 360 Community Update

Agenda 360 releases first Community Update Report

Community Update Report 2011 Sometimes it pays to take a long view.

Since our regional action plan was launched in 2009, much has happened. In this report, you’ll find a summary of key initiatives and programs that Agenda 360 is leading, supporting, or monitoring and meet just a few of the many people leading change in our region.

Even as this report went to press, there was more positive change occurring. Just few examples:

• Unemployment numbers for November 2011 were under 8 percent—after hovering above 9 percent for an extended period. While it’s too early to call this a trend, it was a hopeful sign that more people are back to work.

• Success by Six, United Way’s program to improve early childhood education, continued its progress in preparing more kids for kindergarten. In 2010-2011, it documented that 57.1 percent—an increase of more than four points from the prior year—of children entering Cincinnati Public Schools were ready to learn.

• Working with partners at Vision 2015, Children Inc., and area schools, colleges, and universities, we have launched a regional Service Learning Network, which will use community engagement as a vehicle for raising student achievement and growing engaged citizens.

Still, there’s much more work to do to reach our big goals, so we welcome your questions and feedback on this report.

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