Diverse by Design

Meeting the Talent Challenge in a Global Economy

A Regional Indicators Report 

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Diverse by DesignAgenda 360 and Skyward's (previously Vision 2015) first Regional Indicators Report in 2010 gave us a baseline from which to measure our progress on key aspects of economic vitality. Diverse by Design sets the bar on the degree of diversity and inclusion in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and looks at the issues through a business lens.


We believe that the time is right for this conversation. While the demographics of our country are rapidly changing, it’s clear that our region’s diversity is not comparable to the country as a whole. We believe that regions that reflect the new demographics will be better prepared to grow and prosper.


Why does this matter? Because we should be moving where the country is going, not staying where it’s been. Our top companies know that multicultural teams with diversity of thought and experience are better at developing new markets than homogeneous ones. Recruiters recognize that multicultural employees are more easily retained when they see evidence of opportunity all the way to the C-suite and when they have social and cultural connections outside of work. A growing body of research suggests that companies with more diversity and inclusion—including the boardroom—post better performance over time.


This report documents that even perceptions about diversity and inclusion in our region are a barrier to attracting top talent, particularly for young professionals for whom diversity is a “non-negotiable.” Coupled with the more general perception of the Midwest as the vast, undifferentiated center of the country, we have work to do in promoting our region as a place with a high quality of life and rich opportunities for personal and professional growth for all people.

Our Regional Indicators report on diversity and inclusion will serve as the foundation for targeted initiatives to make our region more inclusive. Action teams will be convened in early 2013. We invite you to join us in our quest to make our region “diverse by design.” Learn more.



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